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Home Repairs in Barbados

Termites, high winds and rain among other things ensure that home repairs in Barbados, or anywhere in the world for that matter, are necessary.  It is somewhat of a necessary evil we all as homeowners will encounter.

However, even though  we can’t escape doing repairs on our homes at some time it is still a good idea to  take precautions that can minimize the amount of money spent on home repairs.

Bajan Handyman repairs

Home Repair Services We Provide

At Bajan handyman we can take care of all your home repair needs in Barbados. Whether you need major repairs like a roof replacement or just a faucet washer replaced we will take care of it for you.  Here is a look at the list of home repairs we carry out.

electrical fire
Get your electrical system inspected

Many of us take our roofs for granted until it begins to fail to protect us from the elements. Roof leaks are one of the leading causes of minor and major roof repairs. If your roof is leaking, even if it’s a small leak, it’s best to have it repaired before it causes major damage. Contact us today and request a quote ((246) 284-9925

A lot of times you may be unaware that your siding is rotten or wood eaten until you are perhaps looking to get your home painted when the damage is discovered.  You should first replace the damaged wood or area and then carry on with painting.  For expert assistance contact Bajan Handyman today.

Rotten or wood eaten floors and decks are unsafe to walk on and can cause some serious bodily damage or worse. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get a FREE quote today. It may save your life or the life of someone you love.

Leaky faucets, shower heads, toilet tanks etc. are not only annoying from the constant dripping but they waste gallons of water too when left unrepaired.  At Bajan Handyman we can fix and also inspect your plumbing system for any other potential problems. Contact us today.

Many electrical fires in Barbados are caused by faulty electrical outlets, faulty wiring or an outdated electrical system.  Ensuring that your electrical system is up to par is critically important. Contact us today and let us inspect and repair any electrical problems you may have.