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About Us (Bajan Handyman)

Your leading provider of home repair & maintenance needs in Barbados

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At Bajan Handyman, we help you care for one of your most valuable assets and perhaps, biggest investment here in Barbados – your home/property.  As property owners ourselves, we fully understand the responsibility and  challenges that come with it.

From those pesky plumbing and roof leaks to the foundation cracks that can cost a fortune to fix, we get it. We know how having a family, work and a social life can cause you to miss that little crack that quickly turns into a major financial burden before you know it. We want to come in before that happens.

Our whole business is centered around helping you avoid the need for those costly repairs. We want you to be able to focus on spending time with your family and friends instead of spending money repairing your home. Here’s the deal: Taking care of properties is what we do best and you can trust us to take care of yours. 

Our History

Bajan Handyman was launched in 2015. After spending 10 years in construction Mr. Drakes (owner) felt that he could do more to help homeowners in Barbados take better care of their homes. He observed that many homeowners, for whatever reason, delayed home repairs which only made matters much worse. The fact is that there was a better approach - try to prevent the problems before they occurred. This would obviously help homeowners save much more money as well as preserve the integrity of the home. Many homeowners liked the idea and hence, Bajan Handyman was launched.

Our Belief

We believe that home repairs in Barbados can be significantly reduced. In fact, we believe that, armed with the right knowledge and a home maintenance plan, you as a homeowner can work with us to make home repairs in Barbados few and far between. Of course we know that repairing homes cannot be fully eliminated, but, you can take back control of unnecessary spending on costly home repairs that could have been avoided. We believe that we can help you have more disposable income to do the things that are important to you. We believe that we can do this one home at a time.

Our Goal

Our goal follows on from our belief that home repairs in Barbados can be greatly reduced. Our goal is to help our fellow homeowners in Barbados understand, appreciate and accept that by using our simple approach to home care, you can take back control of needless spending on home repairs. Is it an audacious goal? Perhaps, because for the most part we are reactive by nature. For example, when do we go to the doctor, mechanic or the computer repair guy? Let Bajan Handyman work with you and we'll show you how you can regain that control quite easily.

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