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About Us (Bajan Handyman)

Your leading provider of home repair & maintenance needs in Barbados

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At Bajan Handyman, we help you care for one of your most valuable assets and perhaps, biggest investment here in Barbados – your home/property.  As property owners ourselves, we fully understand the responsibility and  challenges that come with it.

From those pesky plumbing and roof leaks to the foundation cracks that can cost a fortune to fix, we get it. We know how having a family, work and a social life can cause you to miss that little crack that quickly turns into a major financial burden before you know it. We want to prevent those things  before they happen.

Our whole business is centered around helping you avoid the need for those costly repairs. We want you to be able to focus on spending time with your family and friends instead of spending money repairing your home.  Taking care of properties is what we do best and you can trust us to take care of yours. 

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