Home Maintenance

Bajan Handyman’s home maintenance services can literally help you save thousands of dollars on your home repair bill…

Home Maintenance Plan

If you have ever had to spend a fortune on home repairs (unless it was an act of nature) then you can learn well from having a home maintenance plan in place. Our home is one of our greatest investments and it makes sense to do what we can to preserve its value and  integrity, don’t you agree?

Therefore, as with anything of value, maintenance is the secret sauce to preserving it.  Our vehicles, computers, appliances and our own lives in fact, all require regular maintenance in order to function well. Our home is no different, so why not include it on the list as well.

Our Home Maintenance Solutions

We have one of the most comprehensive home maintenance plans in Barbados. As a matter of fact, Bajan Handyman was founded on the idea of helping homeowners maintain their homes and properties which would:

  1. Reduce the need for costly home repairs
  2. Help preserve the value and integrity of your home 
  3. Give you peace of mind in knowing that you are protecting your investment.


Our Home Maintenance Services Include:

We are the Experts in Home Maintenance

Professional, Reliable & Affordable Home Maintenance Solutions

Our business was founded on providing home maintenance solution so we know a thing or two about taking good care of homes in Barbados

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