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About Us

We Take Good Care of Properties in Barbados

Bajan Handyman has a mission:  The mission is to help Barbados home and property owners take better care of their homes. We do this by helping you (Barbadian home owners) take a more proactive approach to home care thus significantly reducing the need for costly home repairs.

The sad truth is that a large number of home & property owners wait until their homes reach a stage of disrepair before finally biting the bullet and getting something done about it. This will always cost you a lot more money and that is what Bajan Handyman wants you to avoid.

Just as you should have a maintenance plan for your vehicle, it is important to also have a maintenance plan for your home and property. After all it is perhaps one of your single biggest investments, so you really should take good care of it.

How Bajan Handyman Can Help

We offer a number of services that are geared toward helping you. From fully customized home maintenance solutions to scheduled check-ups you can find a plan that is right for you.

We aim to provide the very best handyman, property maintenance and property repair services in Barbados. This means that you’ll always get high quality results when you choose us for your next project.

We’ll work directly with you to ensure that you get the necessary tips and updates to help you take great care of your home.

If you need help right now in creating an action plan for your home or property then please contact us here.

June 2017