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Why Choose Bajan Handyman for your Next Home Improvement Project?

We don't want to boast (well maybe a little) but we are good at what we do and we actually care. We help property owners like you take better care of your homes. The truth is we may not be the cheapest, but then again you get what you pay for.

Services We Provide

Here's a Look at What Bajan Handyman Will do For You
Home & Property Maintenance
Regular property maintenance can mean the difference between spending a few dollars to keep problems in check, or spending thousands of dollars to correct problems. Can you guess which most people choose? Call us today (246) 284-9925
Property Management
Do you have personal property in Barbados that you need looked after and cared for while you're away? It doesn't matter whether you'll be spending 10 days or 10 years away from your property we will take care of it for you just as if you were here.
Painting & Trowel Plastic
A professional paintjob or Trowel plastic job can really make your property stand head and shoulders above the others in your neighbourhood. It's certainly not worth risking the beautyfying of your property to amateurs. Our professional painters will give you a professional finish everytime.
Roof Repairs
We all know that our roofs are important. They protect us from the rain, sun and the elements. However, with time, and depending on the materials we've used, roof leaks and other issues may develop. If and when that time comes we can efficiently take care of all your roof problems .
Power Washing
Dirty, mildewed walls can really take away from the beauty of your home. Frankly, it can be quite embarrassing especially when you have guests coming over. Having your walls professionally power washed can restore the beauty once again and perhaps your pride too.
What's more annoying than a constant drip? It keeps you up at night and will even increase your water bill. Whether you are ready to have your new plumbing done or you need that annoying leak fixed, be sure to know you can call on Bajan Handyman.

Considering a Customized Property Maintenance Plan?

Here's what you'll get with a customized property maintenance plan...

Hassle Free Property Maintenance

With a customized property maintenance plan Bajan Handyman does all the heavy lifting. This means we'll arrange a property maintenace schedule tailored to suit your needs and your budget. This way all you need to do is relax and let us do what we do best - take care of properties.

Emergency Support

What happens if your toilet overflows in the middle of the day or you develop a major burst in your home? Well you call Bajan Handyman. With emergency support you can have peace of mind knowing that if things go awry we'll be there to assist.

Personalized Service

Another great reason for having a customized property maintenance plan with Bajan Handyman is that you get personalized service. This menas that we'll continue to tweak and make adjustments until we've come up with the perfect solution for your situation.


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